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The Port of Hvide Sande meets the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) requirements about security in relation to port facilities, known as ISPS (cf. SOLAS chapter XI-2, the A and B part of the ISPS code and executive order no. 414 of May 8, 2012 about security in relation to port facilities).

The Vesthavnen (the western port) and Quay 11 are permanent ISPS areas. In addition, 3 other areas can be established as ISPS areas, if needed.

For this reason, access to the Vesthavnen and Quay 11 are controlled by means of fences, camera surveillance and gate systems. Only persons with a valid permission may enter the secured facilities within the fences on the Vesthavnen,Quay 11 and the other areas when they are ISPS areas. Persons with a valid permission can operate the gates themselves by means of a scanner or a keyboard.
Other guests, suppliers etc. to visiting ships and to companies in the port may obtain access by contacting the port guard in Blåtårn.

Portcontrol phone: +45 97 31 16 33 (24-hour-service).
Further information from Head of Maritime Department Henning Yde, phone + 45 97 31 16 33.

Port facility nr.
Industrikaj, Quay 98 0001
Vesthavn,Quay 110 – 111 0002
Quay 40 – 41 0003
Quay 80 – 81 0004
Quay 11 0005


Ships calling at the Port of Hvide Sande have to provide the following information:
The last 10 ports of call

  • A copy of the ship’s “International Ship Security Certificate” (only for the ship’s first call in Hvide Sande)
  • The ships “Marine Historical continuous overview” (CSR)
  • Crew list with the list of crew changes
  • List of companies that will supply goods or services during the ship’s stay
  • Passenger list if applicable

The information is to be sent to our email address portcontrol@hvshavn.dk at every call in Hvide Sande.

Ships that do not have a broker shall, in due time, provide the same information to the Port of Hvide Sande under the same email address.


A Declaration of Security (DoS) is issued only under the following conditions:

  • The vessel operates at a higher security level than the Port of Hvide Sande
  • There has been a security threat or incident
  • The ship was in a port / facility which is not required to have and implement an approved security plan

Ships which have issued a declaration of security must contact the ports PSO Henning Yde under portcontrol@hvshavn.dk or tel. +45 97 31 16 33