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The Port of Hvide Sande invests heavily in offshore wind turbines, as we can offer three obvious advantages for the offshore wind industry:

  • Short sailing time
    Short sailing time to both offshore wind farm Horns Rev III in the North Sea southwest of Hvide Sande and the coastal wind farm. What’s more, the Port of Hvide Sande is in the center of areas designated to accommodate future major offshore wind farms.
    Short sailing times save a lot of money for offshore wind projects: Short sailing times give engineers more working time on turbines. Short sailing also means low fuel consumption, good for both the economy and the environment. Finally, short sailing times mean more safety, because service boats can faster reach the port in case of bad weather. Read more about sailing times and the distance to offshore wind farms.
  • Good service set-up
    More than 40 service companies have teamed up in the business network Hvide Sande Service Group. All companies meet the offshore industry requirements for quality, logistics and flexibility. Several companies are already suppliers to the offshore sector. The agency company Hvide Sande Supply can provide service 24/7/365. Read more under service.
  • Ice-free port
    The Port of Hvide Sande is always ice-free thanks to the constant flow of water from the Ringkøbing fjord through the locks and the port.

For more information contact Hvide Sande Service Group: info@hssg.dk / +45 20 20 79 77