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The Port of Hvide Sande offers the following facilities for the fishing fleet:

  • An efficient and modern ice factory in the Sydhavnen (the southern port)
    Electricity supply at all piers with 220 V/16 amp, 380 V/32 amp and 380/64 amp. Please contact the portcontrol for having your phone registrered when you arrive. Phone +45 97 31 16 33 (24-hour service).
  • Water supplies are located at pier 32, piers 40 and 41, at the ice piers in the Sydhavnen (southern port) and at the southern side of pier 1 in the Nordhavnen (northern port)
  • Area for repair of fishing tools
  • Storage of diesel oil
  • Areas for storage of tools
  • Terminal for equipment storage where it is possible to hire large areas for storage of tools.