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Pedestals for supply of electricity is located on all quays, with followring outlets, 380 V/ 32 amp and 380 V/ 64 amp, on ponton quays 220 V/16 amp.

The supply system is operated by cell phone, the ships cell phone have to be registered in the system.

After regestring the ship has the ability to connect the plug into the outlets on the pedestals and dialed the number of the pedestal system that turns on the outlets.
Consumption is now registered and when the plug is removed, the system automatically sends a receipt SMS to the phone whit consumed power, and the portcontrol collect the consumption in the web-based system for further billing.
If there is a fault and the power is disconnected, a SMS will be sendt to the phone.

Pleace contact the portcontrol to be registred in the system, phone +45 97 31 16 33.

How to  use the system:

By activating a outlet.
1. Select pedestals .
2. Insert the plug from the boat.
3. Turn the switch above the plug.
4. The green light blinks on the selected outlets.
5. Call the number on the pedestals
6. Wait for voice, select outlets number.
7. When the green light is on continuously, there is power in the outlets.

At the end of the power consumption, do the following.
1. Switch off the outlet by using the switch at the outlet.
2. Unplug
3. The green light stops blinking / lighting.
4. The portcontrol will bill you for your consumption.



Waterpedestals is located at following quays 32, 40-41, 80, and by the ice factory in the south harbour.