The Port of Hvide Sande is one of Denmark’s most modern fishing ports with excellent service facilities and companies that provide a high standard within all fields of service for the modern fishing fleet.

In this way the port helps catch fish of a high quality through all links to the consumer.

The Port of Hvide Sande is located close to the North Sea’s attractive fishing areas in relation to edible fish, shrimps and industrial fishing. The port has a fishing fleet of 40 vessels with a total gross tonnage of around 4,000. The port is visited by vessels from all of Denmark, including industrial fishing vessels and vessels from countries around the North Sea , all of whom are attracated by the port’s favourable loca-tion and good loading facilities. The fishmeal factory 999 is the largest receiver of industrial fish.

The fishing port consists of two port sections west of the sluices the Vesthavnen (the western port), the Sydhavnen (the southern port) with two basins and the Nordhavnen (the northern port). East of the sluices are two port sections in Ringkøbing Fjord: the Østhavnen (the eastern port) and the Tysker-havnen. The port guard services the port’s users around the clock and can be contacted on phone 97 31 16 33.

In the Nordhavnen there is a terminal for equipment storage where it is possible to hire large storage areas for storage of fishing tools.

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