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The Port of Hvide Sande lies at the North Sea 56°00,0’N 8°07,8’E. Nautical chart no. 99, 93

The approach to the Port of Hvide Sande faces the North Sea directly. The approach is protected by two breakwaters.

The water depth of the approach is 7 m in relation to the ranging lights – see updated surveys here.

The approach is marked by ranging lights with a white flash every second. The port can be entered night and day. The difference between middle high tide and medium low tide is 0.6 m.

The fastest allowed speed in the port is 3 knots.

The navigation conditions at the port are good and stable most of the year.

The port is always free of ice no matter how much the temperature is below zero thanks to the stream through the sluice to Ringkøbing Fjord.

Ruels of Navigation, maps, and othe relevant documents can be downloaded here

Video of simulation of entering Port of Hvide Sande can be seen here


Tre havneafsnit vest for sluserne

  • Vesthavn
  • Sydhavnen med to bassiner
  • Nordhavnen

Øst for sluserne i Ringkøbing Fjord findes to havneafsnit

  • Østhavnen
  • Tyskerhavnen


  • Vesthavnen: 7 meter
  • Kaj 11: 7 meter
  • Nordhavnen: 5 og 4 meter
  • Sydhavnen: 4 og 3,5 meter


The pilot service at the Port of Hvide Sande is run by DanPilot.
Vessels whose captains do not know the conditions at the port may use a pilot or obtain information about immediate conditions from the port guard prior to approach or departure.

DanPilot, Lodseriet Danmark
Phone +45 63 25 66 66 (24-hour service)
Fax: +45 63 25 66 49
Email: danpilot@danpilot.dk
Website: www.danpilot.dk


Fartøjer skal være forsynet med fendere.
Forlades fartøjer, der ikke er hjemmehørende i havnen, skal det meddeles havnevagten, hvem der har opsyn med fartøjet.

Anløbs dokumenter og kort findes under Dokumenter


Største tilladte fart i havnebassinerne er 3 knob.