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The sluice gates at Hvide Sande were constructed from 1928-31. The drainage sluice had the purpose of regulating the water level in Ringkøbing Fjord and the lock to ensure the navigation of Ringkøbing Port. Hvide Sande town and port came into existence spontaneously – not according to any plan – when local fishermen saw an opportunity to exploit the new opportunities that had materialised.
The Port of Hvide Sande thus developed because the town developed and vice versa. This fact is the reason for all development initiatives in Hvide Sande and ensures local ownership as well as the necessary roots in the local community.
Today the port has evolved from being one of Denmark’s most important fishing ports into also being a ‘port business’ that offers many different ‘goods.’
The Port of Hvide Sande is a dynamo and growth centre for the town and its hinterlands. Connected transport solutions – and thereby infrastructure – have taken on crucial significance. The sea route towards the west and the main road towards the east are two sides of the same coin, and the Port of Hvide Sande is working determinedly to support this.


The Port of Hvide Sande’s vision is that:

  • the port in 2020 has developed into the western coast’s preferred landing place for small and medium-size fishing vessels,
  • including, as a minimum, the preservation of its position as Denmark’s fifth largest fishing port,
  • the port will be developed into the entire mid-Jutland and west-Jutland’s preferred commercial port,
  • the port will be developed into a base for offshore wind activities in the Horns Rev and Ringkøbing Fjord area, including Vesterhav Syd, and,
  • the dynamic and active port will form the basis of the area’s continued development as a unique tourist destination.

This vision has been described by the help of a range of objectives and actions that support it.